Nonwoven machine spare parts

We provide all kinds of non-woven machinery accessories, such as spinnerets, cleaning needles, filters, sealing rings, etc., factory sources, advanced technology, fast delivery

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nonwoven machine spare parts

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Product advantages

We supply various spare parts for nonwoven machine include candle filter, mesh filter, telfon seal,honeycomb,pump,air shaft, air chamber,etc. Besides,we have reliable supplier for well-brand imported parts and alternative high quality China-brand parts with good price and fast delivery.We can also OEM according to your request.So if you need nonwoven machine spare parts, just feel free to contact us, we will give you best solution and price.

Product Features

  • 01High precision weaving technology,to keep air permeability same,and the nonwoven fabric uniform.

  • 02Smooth belt structure to ensure low weight fabric peel off easily.

  • 03Fluorinated surface treatment, to make the fiber pulp block easy to clean.

  • 04Advanced aerodynamic design,to make it convenient and quick for wind pressure control.

  • 05Oblique line chamfering pattern,softer net formation and convenient pressure control.

  • 06Seam joint structure lock tightly,no jumper wire.

Product application

For thin fabric, high speed non-woven equipment.

Spunbond mesh belt HY408S

How to order

You can get your Nonwoven machine spare parts solution by filling out the form below and we will contact you immediately

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