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Development Path

Henan Yiheng Mesh Belt Industry Co.,Ltd started from a small private house, and grew step by step in the process of exploration. Now we have accumulated 19 years experience, 8S standard digital management, 13 production QC procedures, 10+ years workers, serving for 5000+ customers in the world, and supplying cargos for the world's top 40 nonwoven manufacturers. From a toddler, Yiheng grows up into a higher, faster and stronger youth.

  • In 2003

    SARS epidemic broke out, all social life in China was temporarily suspended, and all people were shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic. At that time, due to low output of nonwoven fabric and lack of masks and protective clothing, our "angels in white" fought the virus with lives. Henan Yiheng Mesh Belt Industry Co.,Ltd, as a socially responsible enterprise, resolutely decided to transform into polyester mesh belts. Contribute to the production of non-woven fabrics, raw materials for masks and protective clothing.

  • In 2008

    China issued the plastic limit order, degradable nonwoven fabric is the best choice to replace plastics, this strengthened the determination of our company in polyester mesh belt industry, obtained advanced units, advanced collectives, and civilized units for the construction of key projects in Zhoukou City. Member of Guangdong Sanitary Products Chamber of Commerce, member of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association Spunbond Nonwovens.

  • In 2013

    We created our own brand"Yiheng", Yiheng Yiheng, respecting the law and love people and leading the industry frontier, to provide high-end mesh belts for nonwoen industry and contribute to the world's environmental protection, medical and health industries. This is not only always our original intension, but also the driving force for Yiheng to maintain its vitality and sustainable development!

    In the same year, Yiheng was rated as AAA-level credit enterprise, AAA-level integrity management demonstration unit, and obtained the five-star after-sales service unit certificate issued by China Product Quality Certification and Supervision Center.

  • In 2016

    During the period, we participated many times in India non-woven exhibitions, Indonesia exhibitions, German paper industry exhibitions and so on.

    During this period, obtained the international SGS certification, Rheinland certification, ISO90001 quality system certification.

  • In 2019

    Corona epidemic broke out, Yiheng kept in mind its original intention and social responsibility, unite together to fight the epidemic, raced against time to provide high-quality mesh belts for nonwoven enterprises, ensure the production of nonwoven fabrics, and ensure the people's demand for protective masks, medical protective clothing and surgical gowns.

  • In 2020

    With industrial upgrading and transformation as well as the first 8S standardized digital management system, we won the high-tech industry qualification certificate issued by the government.

  • In 2022

    Investing millions of funds, Yiheng cooperated with well-known universities to establish a mesh belt laboratory and develop new mesh belts. Because in order to fight against difficulties and become a leader in the industry, we need to keep innovating at all times.

    Yiheng is not only a participant in the polyester mesh industry, but also a pioneer and leader. The 19 years of experience and honor has been in the past. From now on, we are committed to providing high-end mesh belts for the nonwoven industry, helping customers achieve greater economic benefits, and promoting the sustainable development of the world's medical, health and environmental protection.